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Twenty minute transformation

Oh I do love me a bit of alliteration! As it happens, this took slightly longer than twenty minutes – but I decided that poetic license was in order. Gabrielle from Heaven Wrapped gave me this scarf to refashion/repurpose and I decided that I would not do another Coco, but would try something a bit more […]

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refashion, self-drafted, Sewing

Top to skirt refashion

As part of the Repurpose, Reuse, and Refashion month I thought I would dig around in the Tom and Bridgette reject basket and see what I could come up with to play with. I found this top of Bridgette’s and thought it might make a nice skirt. I really like the caramel coloured band at […]

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refashion, Sewing, Stashbusting

Blue White Russian

Having made the pink White Russian, I immediately wanted to make another one. I had a piece of lovely blue knit fabric in my stash that my friend Thelma donated to me last year. I’ve been really keen to make this fabric into something, but it was too small to make anything appropriate until I looked at […]

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New trousers in a hurry

Mark just visited Sri Lanka and a couple of days before he left he asked if I could make him some light, summery trousers for the non-work component of the trip. Enter deep stash! We ventured into uncharted territory and I had to ‘fess up that I had a large trunk of “secret” fabric,  and in […]

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Memory dress

A very dear friend passed away recently and I wanted to make a dress for her funeral as a way of honouring her, but also to give me an opportunity to spend some time in quiet contemplation of our friendship. I had a look in my stash and found a wonderful merino knit that I bought […]

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A skirt for all seasons

Having had a bit of a play with self-drafting of late, I thought I would explain that I am doing it as a result of finding this drafting system in my mother’s stash and deciding that it looked too good to waste. I found the receipt and it appears that she bought all the kits […]

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recycling, refashion, Sewing, Stashbusting

Repurposed t-shirt

August is the month to repurpose, reuse and refashion so I thought I would attack this big basket of knit fabric garments most of which were kindly donated to me by Tom and Bridgette. I had thought that I would cut up all these garments to make a rag rug for our camper trailer, but […]

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Another scarf Coco

Hot on the heels of my previous Coco from scarf tops (here and here), Gabby gave me another two scarves to turn into tops. These are also fine shirred wool, but this time they had a pattern that needed to be matched. Gah! In spite of my best efforts, I didn’t do the most perfect […]

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Pink White Russian

When I saw the brand new offerings from Capital Chic Patterns, I knew I needed a couple of the patterns. First one to be made was the White Russian, from pink silk stretchy velvet I bought at the Western Market in Hong Kong for the princely sum of HK$20, which is less than $3. It was a […]

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