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B is for blue boardshorts

A few months ago I visited the Bentley TAFE design shop (of interest to anyone from Perth) and bought, among other things, this Jersey Lomellina which I thought would be perfect for making some summer exercise clothes. I happened to google Jersey Lomellina to see what it was – it’s a company which manufactures high […]

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A is for amend : My first refashion!

I find that one of the hardest things about blogging is finding a title, so I thought I would exercise my creativity by attaching each title of my next 26 blogs to an alphabetical letter; hence, “A is for amend” (a bit Sue Grafton, I know, but I thought I would amuse myself anyway). I […]

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Tie-dyed Tom

I bought this fabric for Archie in Potter’s sale last year, but he seemed ambivalent about it when I got home so it has languished in the cupboard ever since. Anyway, I offered it to Tom and he accepted with alacrity, and I have to say it came up pretty well. I am not sure […]

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Floral linen

As summer nears I want to make lots of shift dresses I can throw on when things get really hot. This dress was a relatively early contender in the “hot weather” dress stakes I bought the fabric on a quick visit to Potter’s a few weeks ago with my friend S where I bought only […]

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Sewing retro, Tom

Retro revival

OK, it’s official, I’m back in the ’60s! My big sister did comment (via email) on my 1967 “umpire” shirt that “Love the shirt on today’s blog think it’s one of the nicest things you’ve made,ย don’t usually like 60’s stuff, wore it first time round, be interesting when you get to big skirts with net […]

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Archie, family sewing, vintage

Floral boardies

I am off to Sydney next month on holiday – a week of unfettered fabric shopping ๐Ÿ˜‰ – and asked Archie to look at the fabrics in Tessuti and pick something. Ummm, he picked this fabric – floral swimsuit material for me to turn into boardies! Really? Are you sure? I seem to ask these […]

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Blue seaweed

My sister gave me a 1970s knitting book, which was in her stash – thereby moving it from her overpacked house to mine! I immediately fell in like with this lurex top, but of course, the yarn is no longer available and Yarndex didn’t have it listed so that I could source an approximate facsimile. […]

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Machine knitting, Me-Made-May '13

Plated top

I think I may have blogged this top during Me-Made-May, but I can’t find it, so thought I would do it again. This is a self-drafted, machine-knitted top where I used the plating technique to get a contrasting coloured yarn on the inside. I made it about two years ago. Plating is simply threading the […]

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Basketball anyone?

I was cruising through one of my Lutterloh books, when I found this rather nice design for a shirt from the ’60s. I was drawn to the opposing stripes and knew that I had just the fabric for it in my stash – a lovely black and white striped cotton/spandex shirting from Tessuti’s Melbourne. I […]

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Another shirt for Mark

Sorry for such an uninspiring title, but it’s late and I can’t think of anything ๐Ÿ˜‰ My friend S and I went off to Potter’s and bought a few remnants and this is one of them, some lovely blue striped, cotton shirting, which I turned into a shirt for Mark using my old friend KwikSew […]

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