Another shirt for Mark

Sorry for such an uninspiring title, but it’s late and I can’t think of anything 😉
My friend S and I went off to Potter’s and bought a few remnants and this is one of them, some lovely blue striped, cotton shirting, which I turned into a shirt for Mark using my old friend KwikSew 3422.




He is delighted with it, and so am I – now… Of course it required stripe matching, which always takes me forever, but I did a pretty good job:



…and in this photo you can’t even really see that there is a pocket on the front. High five me!


I wasn’t the only one being creative at the weekend – Mark made these raspberry and dark chocolate muffins. Look at the size of them! I had to restrict myself to half and it was tooo delicious – groan.



7 thoughts on “Another shirt for Mark

  1. I keep asking when are you going to start taking orders? Now I want to place an order for Mark’s muffins!

  2. Hi Amazing One – you possibly need to take up a new hobby as I do not think there is much more you need to do to prove how exceptional you are at this sewing game! What about life drawing or portrait painting???? xx

    1. You clearly haven’t seen my drawing abilities! Trust me, compared with some of the other bloggers I follow, my skills are quite paltry, but I am getting more particular, which means I’m actually improving. I need to work on the photography now, but that might be a retirement project.

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