Y is for Yuletide

I found this really nice cotton/spandex mix in Tessuti and knew it would make a great shirt. I decided that Tom would be the lucky recipient and that it would be a perfect Christmas gift. Of course I had stripes to match – gah!    I did flat felled seams inside and can honestly say […]

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X is for Xenium

Xenium means a present given to a guest, but I am, as per usual, not letting literal meaning get in the way of using a good word, because in this case, the guest gave me the present. Now that I think about it though, she brought the food, so perhaps I was her guest! My friend […]

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W is for Wheat

…as in wheat coloured. I made this shirt for Mark for Christmas but struggled to make it fit my alphabet theme – I was rather pleased to think of the title, to be honest. The contrast on the shirt is a piece of remnant that we bought in Queenstown, NZ, in March and I have […]

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V is for Volleys

I was flicking through the November issue of Australian Vogue when I espied these shoes (cost $610). Hmm, I might be able to do something similar. One pair of $23 Dunlop Volleys later, and I have some Missoni-style painted shoes, which look nothing like the ones above! I approached this project with a certain joie […]

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Kwik Sew 3422, Mark

U is for uxorious

Hmm, uxorious – it means excessively fond of one’s wife, and Mark was quite fond of me when I made him this shirt. Remember this fabric? It’s the same as my pixellated dress and Mark had expressed a desire for a shirt in the fabric. I did manage to squeeze enough out of my leftovers […]

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Archie, Sewing

T is for Tessuti

I could have named this post “Tokyo Jacket” because that’s what I’ve made, but I called it Tessuti because of the exceptional customer service I received from them, but more about that later. This is the Tokyo Jacket from Tessuti When I took these photo I didn’t realise that the sun had moved round a […]

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Archie, KwikSew 2881

S is for Speedo (and Santa)

Remember way back when Archie asked me for Speedos with leftover fabric from Tessuti? Well I’ve made them! I started making a test pair out of my Betty Boop Bombshell fabric using the now defunct KwikSew 2881 pattern- thankfully Knitwit had one in stock – yay for Knitwit! Having established that they fit, Archie rejected them, […]

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refashion, Sewing

R is for Reshaping

I have a number of pairs of jeans – none of which fit me properly. I am exploring making some and am enrolled in several classes concurrently, but in the meantime, I have had a fiddle with these jeans. Here are some before photos They are Not Your Daughter’s Jeans and they are a fairly […]

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Vogue 1247

Q is for quintessential

  As in the quintessential skirt – or a typical example of skirts currently hanging in my wardrobe. This is Vogue 1247 which I have made before here, here and here. This version was made from a piece of rayon/cotton blend left over from a yet to be blogged jacket. I didn’t have quite enough […]

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Lutterloh, self-drafted, Sewing

P is for pixellated

This is a dress that I self drafted from a dress given to me for my birthday by my friend S. I used a piece of cotton that I had in my stash and which can only be described as pixellated flowers. I was immediately drawn to the fabric by the vibrant colours – greens […]

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