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Kimono top

I used dress J from the Sweet Dress Book to stashbust this lovely piece of silk chiffon brought back from South Africa as a gift from my friend S. This is a very simple pattern; well it was once I had sorted out how the sleeves worked :).   I think that were I to make […]

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Summer pants

These white pants are Vogue 8859 – a Marcy Tilton design and so, so nice. I’ve teamed them here with my Dreams of Snails scarf top. And here with my tiny Scout tee and the back view. These pants fit really well because the top half of the back is cut off grain. They also go […]

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Double stashbust

I’ve had a few emails about my alphabet series (oh, ok, 2!)  and the use of lovely words such as “xenium” and could I do a bit more of that please? Given that I don’t have a new theme and I’ve done the abecedarian thing (good huh? It means arranged in alphabetical order, but also […]

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Who’s the dummy?

I have been talking about getting a dressmaker’s dummy for a goodly while and Mark finally got me organised to buy the necessary bits to make a plaster of Paris mould of, er, me. This was an interesting activity, to say the least. I did some early research, but then Mark decided he would do […]

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Tiny Scout Tee

This top was from a tiny piece of fabric that I bought when I fell off the stashbusting wagon a couple of weeks ago. It is a lovely, soft silk and I had a choice of mixing it with something or making a simple, short top. I opted for the Scout Tee. There’s not a […]

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Kermit skirt

I’m back on the stashbusting wagon after falling off buying linen (as well as other fabric) for Mark’s shirt. I’ve had this kermit green linen in my stash for more than a year, and I decided to make a skirt with it. The problem is that I had such a small amount that I couldn’t […]

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