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Lutterloh jeans

    About 18 months ago I enrolled in an online course to make jeans with a Lutterloh trainer. I paid good money because the course promised to resolve issues of fit, and I got quite excited because I always have issues of fit. First we had to send our measurements to the teacher and […]

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My excuse? Movember

Actually, I can’t really claim Movember as my excuse for using fabric covered in moustaches, but it’s a good cause and I like to promote it any way I can. I didn’t have it mind when I bought this fabric, I don’t know what I had in my mind! I bought it in Spotlight from their home […]

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Striped Danish

I made this jumper from a Hanne Falkenberg kit which I bought from Karin at Litet Nystan when I was in Stockholm. It is called “Studio” and the above photo is borrowed from the HF website. Hanne Falkenberg is a Danish designer and her work is well worth a look. This jumper took me a while […]

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Sewing retro, Stashbusting, vintage

Last vintage make for 2014?

  I planned to make this my last vintage make for 2014 but I am flirting with the idea of one more. Anyway, this one has been on the table for more than a couple of weeks, which is a long time for me, although I have been away. The pattern is Vogue 6919 which is from […]

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Bellini with a twist

Yes, I’ve made another Bellini from Capital Chic Patterns, but I’m not sure where my head was at because I didn’t try it on until I got to the buttonhole stage only to discover that I had made the smaller size by mistake. Far out  – I was not going to throw it away. I […]

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