It’s a wrap!

*Sorry, you are going to get this post again as something went awry and my text got cut off.

This skirt pattern has been in my stash for a long time and I don’t know why I haven’t made it before.


It is from 1977 and therefore falls into the “vintage sewing pattern pledge” category. A warning: the following photos are poor quality as they were taken with my iphone because I managed to leave my camera at work.


I made this from a waxed linen that I bought from Spotlight’s curtain department, and which was reduced down to less than $3 a metre. Can’t go wrong for that price. The colour was charcoal, but looking at it against black it seems to have some brown in it.

This was an easy make, so I should not really claim it for the vintage pattern pledge, but I’m going to anyway. I looked at the pattern size and wondered whether it would be too big, but it fits perfectly, although the belt is hard up against the seam opening. The effect of this, though, is that I have a very big overlap at the front which may prevent me inadvertently flashing anyone at work – or at the beach! IMG_0968
Yes, it was a very windy time of the day. I added a pocket on my right rear side to transport my phone around in when I was pounding the pavements, but I cut it on the straight grain and attached it to a bias cut skirt which means that it is a different colour: at least I think that’s the reason. IMG_0974
With some of the leftover fabric I made a bag. I copied a bag I already own which is, I think, a Japanese design. It is just visible here and I finally have my skirt under control IMG_0973
but it didn’t last long!IMG_0977
Clearly here I had completely given up on it, but at least there was no undies flashing!IMG_0979
Back to the bag. The problem is that my existing bag is too small for my wallet, so I expanded it a bit.
As usual, I got carried away and the bag is probably a little big, but I’ve got the shape and construction sequence basically correct now, so I shall be doing this again.DSC01001
I wanted a tough lining so used the leftover fabric from my Alder skirt, which is quite a thick cotton. I also like the pink peeking out. I even added a little pocket for my iPhone, and tried to future proof this by making it longer, but forgot that the new phone is probably wider, so if I do get a new phone it will kick about in the bottom of the bag. DSC01002Details:
Skirt is from Simplicity 7876 made from waxed linen from Spotlight. My top is my Bronte refashion, and the shoes are Letizia from Letizia in Claremont and the necklace was given to me by Tom and Bridgette for my birthday (probably should just say Bridgette as I’m sure she was the one who chose it!). The bag is also made from the waxed linen and lined with fabric from my Imagine Gnats Alder skirt.

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  1. This is a vry flattering skirt, sue. It falls beautifully. I am even more intrigued by the bag. Lovely with the bright pink lining.

  2. Sue, I was just in Spotlight yesterday looking at exactly these fabrics in the curtain dept…..thinking how great they and if only I could sew… funny. The skirt is divine! Gabi

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