A lovely SUNrise

No, I’m not talking about the dawn, I’m talking about the bag pattern from In Complete Stitches, which I won on an Instagram giveaway. I took this description from the In Complete Stitches website: “The SUNrise is a versatile pouch pattern. It comes in two heights, cropped and tall, with LOTS of options (13 basic […]

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A public art trail

For nearly three years Mark and I have been trying to do the FORM silo trail but things kept getting in the way; however we are finally doing it, but it has turned into so much more than just the silos; we find ourselves zigzagging around the place to find all the public art and […]

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recycling, Sewing

Cosmos Pinafore

There is a bit of a story behind this pinafore dress, so if you are sitting comfortably, I shall begin. I saw a rather interesting pinafore in the local COS store, and immediately wanted to replicate it. It’s made from some sort of felted wool and I really like the style lines. As luck would […]

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