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Vintage skirt

My friend Thelma donated some of her fabric from her stash to mine and part of it was this amazing stretch heavy cotton (?). When I first saw it I thought it was upholstery fabric, but I don’t think it is. I wanted a different shaped skirt for this, and I wanted to do something […]

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A bit of leave

I’ve been on leave (only three days, but combine that with Easter and Anzac Day and I managed to get 10 days off), and have been busy in the sweatshop. Over this time I’ve made quite a bit including two flannel shirts – one for Mark and one for Tom. They look pretty similar in that […]

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Fadanista’s first anniversary

Or this post might be better titled “my year of taking selfies”. Honestly, I never have photographs taken of me, you could look through our family albums and boxes of photographs and note that I am the (often poor) photographer catching the moment. So I am so surprised that I have kept this going. Reader alert – […]

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Sewing retro, vintage

Blogger’s remorse

Does it ever happen to any of you that you blog a garment just too soon? Well, I frequently do it, but this was one of my worst offences – my green linen dress. Every time I wear this dress I take photos of it, and they just don’t work out properly. Finally (finally!) I […]

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Cropped sweater for winter

  This is the Cropped Sweater for Winter by Andi Satterlund found at It’s a great pattern, knitted in one piece, it is a quick knit, and it’s free! I knitted it from some yarn from my mother’s stash and bought the pink for the trim in Auckland (then used the left overs for the doll crib). […]

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Mark, Sewing, vintage

Rugby shirt

My husband adores rugby shirts and I have paid a lot for some (think Gant and Canterbury), and others I have bought quite cheaply (Macy’s in the US when I visit), but when he asked me to make him one, I thought, well why not? First I had to find a pattern, which I did […]

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Blue and green should never be seen…

…except for with a nose in between – or so went the rather thrilling ditty we all used to recite when I was in my early teens (although I googled this and it actually should say “except for with a colour in between”, not nearly as exciting! Well, I quite like blue and green together, […]

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Properly vintage

I made this dress as part of my vintage pledge. The pattern is Advance 3738   This is absolutely the sort of vintage styling that I love, but I really struggled to find fabric in my stash to make it. Firstly, it takes a bit of fabric, and secondly I really wanted a long sleeved […]

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And now for something completely different*

Well, I’ve knitted a bag, a hot pink bag! But this is a bag with a difference – because when it’s opened up, it becomes – tada! Yes, it’s a doll’s (or in this case, a teddy’s) crib. Needless to say, this is not for me or one of mine, but is for a friend’s […]

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After my pretty good pattern matching with the first flannel shirt I made, I embarked on a second shirt for my son, Tom, with some gusto. However, at some point my brain left the building and my only memory of cutting out the shirt was that it seemed so easy compared with the first one. […]

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