Fadanista begins!

I have long thought about starting a blog, but didn’t know if I could sustain it when I work full-time. However, I have always done travel journals and enjoyed the process, and thought a blog about some of my other activities might be a useful addition. I also want to document my creative journeys, particularly as I grow my expertise – I have gained so much from other people’s blogs that I thought it might be fun to have a go.

I have just returned from a trip to New Zealand’s South Island – wonderful countryside, beautiful scenery, fabulous food – but I kept being drawn to the fabric shops. Here is a sample of some of the fabric I bought.



3 thoughts on “Fadanista begins!

  1. hi from Switzerland,
    I have just finished reading your whole blog. Every single post and I started beginning of August.. ok, I guess, the newest posts I still will have to read but I really must give you a big compliment about what you are doing. Not only was it very interesting to read about your traveling, I also
    bought a few patterns which you have made during the last years… we seem to have the same
    “problem” haha, a huge stash.. of fabric and yarn.. I am also a hoarder of knitting books and cook books and shoes…
    I wish you the most fantastic day and I am looking forward to read more of what you are creating..from now on, I will reply on your single posts but it would have taken me ages if I would have done it while reading all your posts… thank you again for a great time while reading…
    ciao ciao Christa

    1. Oh Christa, thank you so much for this lovely comment – it’s my birthday today and you have totally made my day! I also hoard books and shoes, but my husband is the cook book hoarder as I don’t cook (he cooks, I sew). I look forward to many “conversations”!

      1. Happy Birthday to you and make the most out of your day!! Stay healthy and go for all those nice fabrics… by the way, I live very close to the world famous embroidery companies… I am sure, you have seen their clothes while looking at dresses from Dior, Chanel and and and…. if you have time, check out .. http://jakob-schlaepfer.ch and http://www.hoh.at/de/home/
        Hofer Hecht which is in Austria, very close to where I live has a shop for sewing people… they also produce fabric for the Couture companies on this planet. I would love to send you some fabric if you don’t mind giving me your address…. my email is christakoenig@sunrise.ch… and just to mention it… I don’t want something back… it was such a pleasure to read through your blog that you more than deserve a little present… Enjoy your day, Christa

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