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Charity shopping by proxy

One of my sisters is an avid op shopper so I have decided to put her to work op shopping for me. I gave her a list of things to look out for and she has been making some wonderful finds. My list includes patterns from the ’60s and early ’70s, and I now have […]

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Another Springlike day…

…and another new top. This time it’s Vogue 7525, which I was attracted to because of the neck shape and the asymmetrical hemline. Mine turned out like this – you can’t see the neckline but the “v” part which I really liked, sits right up at my throat, which I hadn’t envisaged. I also put […]

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Spring dress

I have been getting a head start on my spring and summer sewing and today it seemed as though spring had sprung and so I got out one of my favourite new dresses made from Vogue8904, previously made and reviewed here I changed the design a bit. Instead of sewing the shingles into the side seams […]

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Jumper: Burda 7866

I bought this pattern some time ago and have been very keen to try it. This attempt is really a proof of concept (fancy phrase for muslin) before I take a deep breath and make it out of some Missoni fabric I bought expressly for this purpose. Anyway, I am pretty happy with this version. […]

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Shape shape top

I’ve had this fabric for a while with the intention of making the Shape Shape twist and drape blouse. I was finally  inspired to get on and finish it when Handmadebycarolyn blogged her version. I have a few issues with mine – I used a cotton and metal blend from Potter’s, and think it doesn’t […]

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