Jumper: Burda 7866


I bought this pattern some time ago and have been very keen to try it. This attempt is really a proof of concept (fancy phrase for muslin) before I take a deep breath and make it out of some Missoni fabric I bought expressly for this purpose. Anyway, I am pretty happy with this version.

I used some fabric from my stash that I bought at Knitwit. It is a lovely green and goes brilliantly with brown or black. It is a light to medium weight knit and seems just perfect for this style.

The top is very easy to make – the toughest decision is how to tie the belt. I note on the pattern that the belt is wrapped three times and then knotted. I will give this a try, but I’ll bet it all falls into a tangled mess – I can’t imagine keeping a belt tied like this all day.


The neck on this one seems wider than mine. This bothered me during the making process, but I am over it now. I really enjoyed making this “jumper”, and it is lovely to wear. I also think it is quite a flattering style, but it is quite fitted over the hips.


Note my hair – it was blowing a gale!!



I note that my pedometer is quite prominent in this outfit. This is why I have taken to wearing it on my shoes where possible (thanks to Sophie for the suggestion). See the big lump just above the belt?


I also note that my under jumper makes a bit of a ridge at the bottom edge. Not sure I can do anything about this – as I said, it is very fitted round the hips! Actually, I can probably just tidy myself up and maybe it won’t be as prominent…


The details:

Burda 7866. Fabric from Knitwit

Elle pants from StyleArc

Necklace is a Pinocchio puppet from My Message, Claremont

Paul Green boots from The Secret Closet, Shenton Park.

Global Corporate Challenge

Still tracking in the 23,000+ steps, but I have won another trophy (I am not sure why, but will still brag about it!)



10 thoughts on “Jumper: Burda 7866

  1. I’ve always admired this pattern in the Burda catalogue too.. it looks terrific on you with your slim hips. The colour is a great neutral too. Very nice!

  2. Looks great Sue. I’m on my third garment, two pairs of very simple pull-on trousers down and a soft knit cardigan under construction, so it’s going to be a while before I catch you up. But the confidence is definitely growing!

  3. Hi Sue! this top is great, love the sleeves! there doesnt seem to be any insert so i assume the top & sleeve are cut as one together? i need that sleeve for summer! can i get instruction when i see u next? 🙂

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