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N is for Nondescript

Well, clearly not the setting, but it was a grey old day in Sydney and I was wearing a nondescript grey jumper. We saw on the news that Sydney had had a shocking storm the night before and, whilst we saw all the lightening, we were in our hotel and completely shielded from the hail […]

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M is for Medallion

… or it could be Majority, because today is Archie’s 21st birthday party. He had to wait until after exams, so it’s a little belated. The medallion reference is to the pattern at the front of the dress – a bit of a stretch, and thanks to my friend S who suggested it (so it’s […]

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L is for Liquorice Allsorts

As soon as my friend S and I saw this fabric we both thought “liquorice allsorts”, although Mark was immediately reminded of a Mondrian painting. A lively discussion resulted in him coming around to my way of thinking, so order was restored. I wanted to make something simple with it as it is quite busy […]

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K is for Kerf

What is a “kerf” I hear you ask. Good question! It is a woodworking term (who knew?) and is the name of the shape that a saw blade makes when it cuts through a piece of wood. The shape is that double curve with the cut out piece as in the picture above. It is […]

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Simplicity 9221

J is for Jiffy

As in quick – not! Sometime ago I bought this white and grey polka dotted linen/cotton mix in Spotlight and I thought that Simplicity 9221 might be a nice pattern for it. I’m not sure how this pattern finished up in my stash – it either came from my Mother or one of my sister’s […]

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I is for Italian

OK, the title of this post is another big stretch, but these boardies are made from a gorgeous Italian fabric from Tessuti’s that came as part of an earlier little online shopping spree with Tom. The boardies take 85 cms of fabric and this remnant was only 50cms, so I am pretty happy that I […]

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H is for Hybrid

Mark is telling me that I am beginning to draw a long bow with these titles – too true! This dress started life as a fairly small remnant from Knitwit (the blue, white and silver fabric). I then added the plain blue for the skirt, but then decided I wanted sleeves, so went back for […]

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G is for Grafitti

This is what happens when I go online shopping when one of my sons is about – I tend to buy stuff! I was just having a little peruse of the Tessuti website when Tom came for a visit and he thought this fabric would be perfect for more boardies. To be truthful, I’m not […]

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F is for Fiorente*

Flushed with success from previous efforts, I offered Mark another shirt. I flung open the doors to my cupboard and said: “pick a fabric, any fabric”, and he picked… (drumroll here) flowers! Tiny pink dimity printed flowers in a beautiful cotton lawn! Really? Are you sure? Oh well, at least I won’t have stripes to […]

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E is for equine

You are probably thinking horses or the Melbourne Cup (given the date) and you’d be correct! For those followers not from Australia, the Melbourne Cup is a horse race that “stops a nation” on the first Tuesday of November. Yes, we all stop working, dress up, put on silly hats (not me), eat lunch and […]

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