I is for Italian

OK, the title of this post is another big stretch, but these boardies are made from a gorgeous Italian fabric from Tessuti’s that came as part of an earlier little online shopping spree with Tom.


The boardies take 85 cms of fabric and this remnant was only 50cms, so I am pretty happy that I managed a bit of creative cutting (the front and back are going in opposite directions, but who is going to notice?). This photo was taken before I finished off the leg hems, so the bottom looks a bit weird.

I had to catch him in them when I could – in this case in one of his favourite habitats preparing breakfast before heading to the beach. It was a case ofย quick, grab the camera before he sees!


This is truly stunning fabric. It is from the same swimsuit material which the boys are finding to be perfect for boardshorts.

What can I say about this photo? It is very early morning and we were both a bit shellshocked!


I don’t know if he’s like this because he’s over it and wants me to go away (I’m pretending that he’s yawning), but the pose amused me – it’s out of focus because he wouldn’t stand still and I was just snapping away.


The details:

Fabric is an Italian swimsuit lycra from Tessuti’s online shop

Pattern is Butterick 4664

(reluctant) model is Archie

The next few posts will be coming to you from Sydney and I might even take a few photos here!


5 thoughts on “I is for Italian

  1. What can I say no wonder they want him as a model, but aren’t they lucky to have a Mother who makes them so many clothes, it’s good to see they like really interesting patterns on the material.

    1. It’s either make them clothes or add to my own collection! He’s quite out there with the fabric he likes – who needs a daughter when I’ve got him – hehe!

  2. Now thats a good length boardie – thought it might be too long for Archie. Archie will be getting some followers with his shirt off!!! Careful you may have competition.

  3. Great use of that fabric-and effective use of the remnant. Putting the pattern in a different direction is clever. No-one will see Archie coming or going at the same time.

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