M is for Medallion

… or it could be Majority, because today is Archie’s 21st birthday party. He had to wait until after exams, so it’s a little belated.

The medallion reference is to the pattern at the front of the dress – a bit of a stretch, and thanks to my friend S who suggested it (so it’s all her fault)


This dress is made from another enormous silk scarf bought at Potter’s (so another refashion?), stitched all the way up one side, and with stitching either side of a gap for my head. The scarves cost $20 each, so you can’t go wrong really.


It finished up a little long so I tie one side up in a knot. The knot moves around depending on my mood – here it is quite high so I don’t trip up.

The back view looks a bit asymmetrical here, thanks to that knot.


I quite like the Grecian look of this dress.


This shot shows the mustard tube dress I am wearing underneath.


A side view giving the lovely billowy effect of having so much fabric


and  one more back view.


The 21st party was pretty low key. We said no to the suggestion that he invite 200 of his closest friends, so he settled for a quiet Sunday lunch with 30 of his inner circle (although another 40 appeared after the speeches). Tom proved his worth as a sound engineer, spending time up ladders


on the roof with the obligatory tape in his mouth


and generally sorting out the mess of cables


There was not a cable to be seen by the time he had finished.

The theme for the party was “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” – in other words, Hawaiian and hats – this is not the first time Archie has dressed up in this way. Here he is at a year old in an outfit I made him – I also made the straw hat – for me. He has a bit of a hat obsession and I note this started young and he didn’t always confine himself to one hat!


I’m not going to discuss that carpet – what can I say – our house was built in 1895 and this was probably original. It is long gone!

The details

Fabric is a silk scarf from Potter’s

Mustard tube dress from Sab Five Five, Claremont

Pattern – er, it consists of a couple of seams

Shoes are Campers from Ricarda’s

Final shot of party in progress – Archie is the one in the sunglasses with his fingers in the air



9 thoughts on “M is for Medallion

  1. Love, love the dress – it looks amazing on you!
    Archie was very cute when he was 1 and the set-up for the paper looks fab.

  2. Loved the dress-looked great.
    Look at the alcohol on that table -only a hint of what was about to be consumed !!!

  3. Love this dress Sue. Have to get one of those scarves and get you to show me what you did with it. Just gorgeous.

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