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I’ve had this fabric for a while with the intention of making the Shape Shape twist and drape blouse. I was finally  inspired to get on and finish it when Handmadebycarolyn blogged her version.


I have a few issues with mine – I used a cotton and metal blend from Potter’s, and think it doesn’t drape well enough. The metal makes it all crumply and I feel a bit scruffy. The metal also means that it can’t be ironed (breaks all the metal fibres, apparently), so it is permanently creased. Having said that, I do love the shape and will make another out of a softer fabric. I also forgot to add the seam allowance – doh, rookie error! I’ve also taken the photos after a day’s work and sitting in meetings (note to self: tidy yourself up before taking these photos!).

I do like the back view though



Just a note on the bag – it is handmade, but not by me. It was made by my friend Thelma who is an amazing textile artist. She made this quite a few years ago and I have treasured it. I think it came from her very first exhibition; her first of many. I also have a framed piece by her and I absolutely love it. As I move away from black into the slightly earthier colours, I am using it more and more.


I have often looked at it in terms of how it was made. I think it is artfully, deceptively, simple and there is something about the way the fabric colours and textures are combined that makes it so wonderful to own.




Elle pants by Stylearc. Fabric from Potters

Twist and drape blouse from Shape Shape book. Cotton and metal fabric from Potters, vintage buttons from my stash

Nude boots from The Secret Closet, Shenton Park (with pedometer attached)

Thomas Sabo silver and topaz ring from The Secret Closet, Shenton Park

Machine knitted socks (hidden under boots)

Burgundy tshirt from Sab Five Five, Claremont

Necklace from Mexico, a gift from one of my staff who is from Mexico

Wonderful bag by Thelma!


Plodding along. Mark (husband) has been away, so I have been walking alone – not nearly as much fun. I am still averaging  23,000+ steps, so not sure if I will make my 24,000 goal.


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  1. I agree with Tania, your outfit does look really cool, and thank you for mentioning me. The top looks great, really interesting, and yes, the design does take a really super drapey fabric very well 🙂

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