From board shorts to bread boards

I haven’t been the only one creating. Archie decided that he had made bread boards for lots of people (for remuneration I might add),  but not one for his family, so he set about creating a special one for us.



Isn’t it beautiful? It is made from Sheoak and  Jarrah, both Western Australian timbers, and American Cherry.  Each of the blocks is cut at an angle of 60° on each side. You can’t see how deep the board is, but it is nearly 4cm thick, and the whole thing is banded by Sheoak. Each block is painstakingly assembled to give that 3D effect
It then had to be glued together
and the “framing” wood attached.
and finished off with vegetable oil. Depending on the angle, it really looks as though the blocks are rising up from the board
Inevitably, there were blocks left over. They were so much work to make that Mark and I couldn’t bear to waste them so we made a little board for my Mother-in-Law. I did the assembly and I didn’t get it quite right. If this was sewing or knitting I would frog it and start again, but it’s almost impossible to fix something that is glued together. I don’t think the recipient will notice though…
Board in progress. Note the two offset jarrah blocks – Archie was most offended that I hadn’t made them sit symmetrically. I did this to be quirky – obviously didn’t work!
finished board:
and another view because I’m so pleased with myself. Note that we had to join two of the jarrah offcuts together to make the final block.
GCC: Still going well with the average in the 23,000s. Getting bored now…

8 thoughts on “From board shorts to bread boards

  1. We are extremely impressed and Hunter’s comment for Archie, was ‘Tell him I think it is fantastic!’ (He’s home ‘sick’ with us today – sort of sick!)


    1. Thank you. The little one will never be used by my mother-in-law, but we are already using the big one for bread and fruit and vegetables and it is fantastic!


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