Charity shopping by proxy

One of my sisters is an avid op shopper so I have decided to put her to work op shopping for me. I gave her a list of things to look out for and she has been making some wonderful finds. My list includes patterns from the ’60s and early ’70s, and I now have an impressive collection of vintage patterns. I have had to do some gentle educating because she turned up with this pattern – from the ’80s and obviously a maternity pattern! I will hang on to it; it makes me smile.


This pattern is from 1971 and I can’t find it anywhere on the web. I am very taken with it and might make it. I note that it is a size 10 – 87cm bust, which I haven’t had since I was about 15 when my so-called friends described me as a “carpenter’s dream” (flat as a board!).

mcCalls 4289

I was looking at those short sleeves and note that Burdastyle have a 1950s Retro Blouse (03/2012 #145) with similar sleeves. The ones in the pattern are stiffened with grosgrain ribbon.

And just to show that there are still good buys to be had – she found this pattern, which has got all these items of clothing in it. The pattern still has the transfer for the embroidered sections on the pockets – might be useful!

mccalls 5512

She has come across some great books, how about the charmingly named “Young Lady”? This is from 1962 and is a Japanese book, but with lots of English in it. It has patterns and commentary.

Young lady

I’m very taken with the fact that in the middle of a description about stitches it suddenly gives a (rather fabulous) recipe for roast belly of  pork! It’s not very clear here, but the recipe takes up 1.5 columns.


I note that the weird Vogue style poses were already in vogue (no pun intended – oh, all right, pun intended!).


Here is another magazine from 1964, also Japanese, but slightly more turgidly named. However, this has lots of patterns in it – some of which are back in fashion!


I really liked this section – called the Mating Game – referring to mixing and matching tops and bottoms:


It reminded me of a children’s book for some reason.


I also do a bit of op shopping. I bought an undated book from a shop in Geraldine, New Zealand, called “Successful Dressmaking”. A great book, but I especially love the pictures inside the front and back covers – a sort of lifecycle of a sewing project:


And here are a couple of books that Mum gave me – was she trying to tell me something ;)?

DSC05206 DSC05210

I was also the lucky recipient of lots of bits of fabric. Some will be fabulous for making muslins, but Archie has his eye on some vinyl for me to make him a couple of bags to store his car roof – the things I have to make!!


It must be close to the end. Still close to 24,000 average.


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  1. I am guessing something new in your wardrobe will soon appear – what choice you have now – now I know what to look out for Christmas. You do realise you will have to clean out your filing cabinet to use it for all your patterns!

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