Blue and green should never be seen…

…except for with a nose in between – or so went the rather thrilling ditty we all used to recite when I was in my early teens (although I googled this and it actually should say “except for with a colour in between”, not nearly as exciting! Well, I quite like blue and green together, with or without the nose or another colour, and I especially like green spots!

The photos were taken in the very early morning (note the street light is still on), so are a bit dark, my apologies.


This is Butterick 5942 out of my very own stash (carefully preserved by my mother).

Butterick 5942

I would have last made this dress in my teens and I’m happy to report that it still fits me – although it is perhaps a trifle more snug!


The pattern is known as 1960s Mod, and is an A-line dress with shaping under the bust. It is top stitched on the top of the skirt section and down the front centre seam. The top stitching goes round the back meeting at the zip, just visible here.



I worked hard to match the dots and did well on the bodice, but as you can see, I didn’t do a fabulous job on the skirt back.

I bought the fabric for a particular purpose, but have had it so long I no longer know what that purpose is. I was surprised at how little I had, so had to work hard to fit the pattern on. The fabric is a thick cotton and linen mixture and is perfect for autumn and winter weather.



The sleeves are supposed to have zips inserted at the cuffs. I went through my stash but couldn’t find matching zips, so simply left the cuffs unstitched a la my 1940 dress.


If I make this dress again I will ditch the neck facings in favour of a bias finish, and I will lower the front neck a centimetre or two – I feel that it is a little high. Next time I might also finish the cuffs with buttons or maybe have exposed zips, and I noted (after I had done it) that the topstitching is supposed to be 2.5cms away from the seam lines. I did my usual and lined it up with the edge of the foot. My Bernina does not enjoy top stitching, and I couldn’t be bothered getting out the Elna Lotus (it has a permanent spot usually which is covered in fabric at the moment!), so I simply doubled up two green threads and the Bernina didn’t freak out at all – go figure!

To the details: the pattern is Butterick 5942 from the 1960s. It is a semi-fitted A-line dress in 2 lengths, has a fitted bodice with princess seaming and interesting seam detail. It has both short and full length sleeves with zipper closing, and includes an optional bias stand collar, ribbon and top-stitch trim.

The fabric is a cotton/linen blend from Calico and Ivy, and fabric and all notions were stashbusted.

And I definitely need some blue winter shoes!




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  1. I am jealous in so many ways… Your unchanged shape since your teens, your ability to match patterns (how crazy is the back of that bodice?), your creativity… I think that your proposed alterations sound great, I esp. like the idea of the exposed zipper version. Niceeeeee!

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