And now for something completely different*

Well, I’ve knitted a bag, a hot pink bag!


But this is a bag with a difference – because when it’s opened up, it becomes – tada!


Yes, it’s a doll’s (or in this case, a teddy’s) crib. Needless to say, this is not for me or one of mine, but is for a friend’s little granddaughter.

Teddy gets his own bedding


and the pillow is even stuffed!




This was a great stashbusting project. I used all my pink wool (ran out on the hood, can you tell?DSC08207 The yellow and navy wool came from my Mother’s stash. The teddy was contributed by my friend. We hunted the toyshops for a 5 inch doll to fit, but there is dearth of baby dolls of that size.

The pattern is free on Ravelry, and is designed by Frankie Brown. Isn’t it cute?


* Thanks to Monty Python for the title of this post.


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  1. Oh my !! I want to start knitting again. Last time I knitted I was 6! They are gorgeous, Sue.

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