After my pretty good pattern matching with the first flannel shirt I made, I embarked on a second shirt for my son, Tom, with some gusto. However, at some point my brain left the building and my only memory of cutting out the shirt was that it seemed so easy compared with the first one. Well, yes, it was really easy because for some reason I didn’t think about pattern matching at all!

I was so upset (and ashamed of myself) that I couldn’t look at it for a couple of days, and considered binning it. Then I got a grip and thought that all Tom will use it for is gardening or camping or boy stuff like painting, so I got on with it. I then considered not ‘fessing up to my ineptitude, but in the interests of ethical blogging, I thought I’d better. So brace yourself, dear reader, here it is in all it’s disgraceful non-pattern matching.


I did manage to match the pocket!


Look at the side seams (hanging head here)


On the yoke I (almost) got one line to line up!

However, the inside of this shirt is a thing of beauty. Every seam is neatly flat felled, so it wasn’t a dead loss sewing wise.

In terms of the details, I used KwikSew 3422, with some flannel fabric and buttons from my stash (which is the one win in this project).

I have four more pieces of flannel for shirts, let us hope that I do a bit better with them.




11 thoughts on “Check/uncheck

  1. The result still looks pretty good to me – and is better than the t-shirt I made a few months ago where I managed to sew the shoulder seams on the wrong side!

    I am a bit in awe of your shirts, I don’t have the courage to make something with collars and cuffs yet. Did you have someone to teach you, or did you learn on your own?

    1. Thanks Leonie, very heartening comments! I basically taught myself, made around 15 shirts, and then did the Pam Howard course on Craftsy. Really worth while. My finish improved immensely. The courses come on sale from time to time and for $20 you get a wealth of information.

      1. Thanks, I have bookmarked the Craftsy site, they look to have a lot of good stuff there. I think I mostly just need to sit down and spend the time practicing, not just wishing I already knew!

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