The first flanno*

When I was busy churning out shirts for my husband and sons over the summer, they put in an order for flannos (Australian slang for flannel shirts) and this is the first.


It is my usual KwikSew 3422, nothing changed, just endless pattern matching.

If I say so myself, I did a great job of the pattern matching – can you spot the pocket above?


Yoke matched, check. Collar – ack, what happened? I don’t think Mark took enough care putting on the shirt – so it’s all his fault!

Sleeves, check. Cuffs, er, well one is perfect and the other one isn’t. I made several cuffs and just could not make the other one work, so gave up.


However, all side seams are lined up nicely and flat felled. Pattern matching looks a bit off in this photo, but it is perfect on the right side.


I bought 18 metres of flannelette in various shades and checks, and I have to say that I was a tad disappointed with the quality. There are splotchy bits where the dye hasn’t been applied properly and some of the edges looked a bit chewed. My memory is that the fabric came from Turkey and is 100% cotton with no formaldehyde that I could smell, so I’m not tooΒ bothered with the poor dye job. It looks ok and at the end of the day will be used as a camping shirt, so it’s not as though Mark is going to wear it to the day job.

Right, 3 metres down, 15 to go!


PS if you are revisiting this page you will note the title change. I apparently had the wrong slang word for a flannel shirt!




11 thoughts on “The first flanno*

  1. Wow, I better not show this post to my husband, because I’ll have less time to sew for me if I do… Crazy pattern matching, wow…

      1. Even if you’re the only one who notices something, it’s always worth doing things right! (I think the perfectionist in me is coming out!)

      2. Oh dear, I’ve made another one and haven’t matched any of it (I fell asleep whilst cutting out!). Brace yourself for that posting – hehe!!

  2. Sue, the shirt looks great. The thought of pattern matching sends my eyes into a spin.

  3. 18m of fabric, oh my gosh! Your husband is so lucky to have a talented shirtmaker on hand. Your work is impeccable πŸ™‚

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