Long Gabriola skirt

DSC08149This is the first of the Gabriolas that I made, and it seemed to come together more easily than the second, even with the stripe matching. I have to say that there is a lot of fabric in this, but not as much as the pattern stated. Out of the 3.2 metres I bought, I have nearly a metre left! Having said that, my fabric was very wide, which meant that I could get the majority of the skirt out of two lengths and then fit the yokes in between.

I followed the instructions for grading the pattern, going from an 8 at the waist down to zero for the hips (I’m actually sub-zero in the hips – always wanted to say that!). However, I finished up taking in 6cms from the waist after I made the skirt, so it might be that my grading wasn’t too good. I note here that the upper yoke seems to be pulling and yet skirt is so loose that it swings around during the day, so not sure whether it’s dodgy sewing or dodgy fitting – or it might even be dodgy posing!*


I am supposed to be stashbusting but didn’t think that I had fabric of a suitable weight and length to make this skirt, so bought this at Global Fabrics in Auckland. I was slightly disappointed with my choice, the sludgy colour and rather bland look of the fabric, but I was trying to choose something that would be easy to match with tops, and I was desperate to have those chevrons, and also Tasia’s striped version influenced me – I am so suggestible! As it is, you can’t even see the stripes, so that was a complete waste!


I do think, though, that this will be a great skirt for autumn and winter. I see it with thick stockings and boots and a fitted sweater or a short jacket.

Did I do much unpicking? Well of course! Firstly I had to match all those stripes, then I did manage to put a couple of the yokes on upside down – so careless sometimes. Then I made it too long, and for some reason I never cut hems down to a suitable depth – perhaps I’m expecting a growth spurt??

I thought I’d try the skirt with a different look and it works ok too… In fact I like it better with the belt I think.


As is becoming common for me, I’m sitting at the airport writing this post – off to Canberra this time, so no sewing until the weekend 🙁



Gabriola skirt from Sewaholic, made from striped cotton fabric from Global Fabrics in Auckland. Paired here with my Miette cardigan.

*I’ve worked out what the pulling is. I think it is where I took in the waist and managed to take even more off the hips. Luckily, I didn’t cut the seam allowance, so can fiddle about with it.











7 thoughts on “Long Gabriola skirt

  1. It is beautiful! I would even say that it’s majestic… I do love it with the belt as well. Until next time, Your Highness!
    PS. Subzero hips, LOL!

  2. Jagodas said it! skirt is very elegant. I favour without belt, and both versions look graceful. wich stripes were you matching?

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