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Matching flannos

When I got home from all my travels, the first thing I made was another flannel shirt for Tom, as he was about to go camping. Bridgette, his partner, asked (jokingly, I think!) whether I could make Heidi, their puppy, a matching flanno. Er, not too good at pet clothes, but I did offer to […]

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After my pretty good pattern matching with the first flannel shirt I made, I embarked on a second shirt for my son, Tom, with some gusto. However, at some point my brain left the building and my only memory of cutting out the shirt was that it seemed so easy compared with the first one. […]

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Y is for Yuletide

I found this really nice cotton/spandex mix in Tessuti and knew it would make a great shirt. I decided that Tom would be the lucky recipient and that it would be a perfect Christmas gift. Of course I had stripes to match – gah!    I did flat felled seams inside and can honestly say […]

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W is for Wheat

…as in wheat coloured. I made this shirt for Mark for Christmas but struggled to make it fit my alphabet theme – I was rather pleased to think of the title, to be honest. The contrast on the shirt is a piece of remnant that we bought in Queenstown, NZ, in March and I have […]

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Tie-dyed Tom

I bought this fabric for Archie in Potter’s sale last year, but he seemed ambivalent about it when I got home so it has languished in the cupboard ever since. Anyway, I offered it to Tom and he accepted with alacrity, and I have to say it came up pretty well. I am not sure […]

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Another shirt for Mark

Sorry for such an uninspiring title, but it’s late and I can’t think of anything 😉 My friend S and I went off to Potter’s and bought a few remnants and this is one of them, some lovely blue striped, cotton shirting, which I turned into a shirt for Mark using my old friend KwikSew […]

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