Tie-dyed Tom


I bought this fabric for Archie in Potter’s sale last year, but he seemed ambivalent about it when I got home so it has languished in the cupboard ever since. Anyway, I offered it to Tom and he accepted with alacrity, and I have to say it came up pretty well. I am not sure how he will manage pressing the linen, but it might look ok crumpled! I used our old favourite KwikSew 3422 shirt pattern, considerably taken in to suit Tom as he hates anything baggy. I had to remove about 4″ from the sleeves, for example. Be prepared now for a gazillion photos!


I’m sure I don’t have to point out the lack of shoes, but at least he doesn’t have his Uggies on! DSC06029

The best thing about this fabric? No pattern matching! Worst thing was that it was impossible to discern the right and wrong side, but I got there.

In order to get some photos I had to track him down at his house, which was nice because Bridgette and Felix the cat got into the act (a tad reluctantly on Felix’s part).



The shirt in action


Jungle cat!


Spring is in the air at Tom and Bridgette’s place






Pattern is KwikSew 3422

Fabric is tie-dyed linen from Potter’s

Buttons are more of the wooden ones I bought at Buttonmania, Melbourne


2 thoughts on “Tie-dyed Tom

  1. Hi prolific one! Great shirt and not at all the spaced out hippie sort of tie dye one normally sees (or has created in one’s earlier life). Tell Tom I am very good at tie dying socks (not knitting socks like you!). Just went to a hot rod show and the girls in their rockabilly gear were sensational – have a pic to send of a great ‘frock’ you would look really good in. Will send separately.

    Love your stuff. x Thel

  2. The shirt looks great, and oooow! how fantastic is that tie-dyed fabric?? You were very selfless and generous to give it away, imo πŸ™‚

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