A is for amend : My first refashion!

I find that one of the hardest things about blogging is finding a title, so I thought I would exercise my creativity by attaching each title of my next 26 blogs to an alphabetical letter; hence, “A is for amend” (a bit Sue Grafton, I know, but I thought I would amuse myself anyway).

I have a massive bag full of things to be “amended” and quite a large number of those things are jeans. I decided to start with a pair of Mark’s Levis on the grounds that they are relatively big and I might be able to do something interesting. I laid so many patterns on those jeans, and I Googled a truckload of refashions, but in the end, I modified a pattern I have made before.

So (drum roll)… from this (semi-unpicked because I got carried away before taking a photo):


to this octopus like garment:


this is all that is left.


and this is what I made:


It is the 1936 Lutterloh pattern previously blogged here, and I think the woven fabric works much better than the knit. However, unlike the previous quite loose version, it is a tad tight (it’s easier to step into it than haul it over my head) so I had to put an invisible zip in the back and I heavily modified the sleeves. The original pattern has dropped sleeves and I felt that the denim was too thick for this look, so I hacked out an armscye and modified sleeves from another pattern. I had to take about two inches off the sleeve head, but they sit pretty well now.


The pattern has slight gathers at the waist. I knew I couldn’t gather this thick denim, although I did valiantly try to shirr it! In the end I stitched three pieces of elastic where the gathers were to be and this worked a treat.


My biggest issue is that I hadn’t realised that these had been Mark’s camping jeans and I keep finding brown marks where he has rolled in mud or something. Most of them are at the bottom of the legs on the bit that I cut off, but if they show up too much I will attempt to dye the top.

How do I feel about this top? Hmm, as always, I’m a bit ambivalent. I knew that the denim might be a bit thick, but I thought it would be an interesting challenge. I also really struggled with that neckline – notice this time that I have a little standup collar? My last effort had a completely flat neckline and I have no idea what I did differently, but hey, happy to have it!


I am also a tad worried about the gaping at the neck. I will have to sit up straight all day with hand clutched to bosom so that I don’t give some poor unsuspecting person an inadvertent eyeful!

Instead of using a button to finish off the top I decided to use a belt buckle (I think from the ’60s or ’70s) and I am pleased with the result although I’m not sure I have the placement perfect – yet.


The details:

Lutterloh 1936 top l1936 top

Fabric reclaimed from a pair of Mark’s jeans

Clasp on the top is a belt buckle I bought at Buttonmania in Melbourne. I think it might be on its way to vintage!

Now, what will B be for??


14 thoughts on “A is for amend : My first refashion!

  1. I love this top!!! The retro pattern works so well in faded denim..gives it a really contemporary edge…style +++ I would not be ambivalent about this at all…looks sensational and the stand-up collar with the buckle detail just makes it for me. Fabulosity!!!

  2. Oh, it looks terrific! I like what you’ve done here a lot. It’s enormously satisfying to make something new and fabulous using up something old and unloved 🙂

  3. Sue, I checked out your blog! I find it fascinating that you are using all of those cool vintage patterns. I love this top. Oh, and I recognized many of the dresses from the blog. You have so inspired me that I think I am going to the fabric store this weekend to find something to sew. Love, love, love it!

  4. I found you through Maria’s blog and am loving your Lutteroh adventures! I’m inspired to dig through the vintage one’s I’ve here – I use them for inspiration but have never tried one, I adore this one, with the standup neckline 😉

    1. Thank you for your comment, I must make this top again as I love the shape. I would urge you to give Lutterloh a go, particularly if you have vintage editions.

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