Y is for Yuletide

I found this really nice cotton/spandex mix in Tessuti and knew it would make a great shirt. I decided that Tom would be the lucky recipient and that it would be a perfect Christmas gift.

Of course I had stripes to match – gah!

DSC06917  DSC06918


I did flat felled seams inside and can honestly say that it’s as nice inside as outside. I used KwikSew 3422 (I should be able to do this in my sleep, but can’t!)


Of course when Tom got it he didn’t bother about small niceties such as undoing the buttons and just threw it on over his head, getting stuck in the process. Bridgette to the rescue! Boys. Honestly!


but he did pose nicely for me

DSC06952Although the collar isn’t sitting properly and who bothers to do up cuff buttons?

DSC06947and a couple of cheeky grin shots for the rellies to enjoy.



I also did pretty well in the Yuletide giftgiving. I dropped a couple of not so subtle hints and Archie made me this tailor’s pressing board.


It has so many options for ironing collars, cuffs, curves such as princess seams, etc, that I know that I will use it endlessly


It was a bit last minute and was deposited under the tree sans wrapping, but hey, I was thrilled. I have used it already and it does make pressing fiddly things much easier. I did leave a set of plans lying around the house for him to copy but he told me that they were useless and he googled various designs, finally settling on this one. It is brilliant and I am exceedingly grateful to him.

In return I was able to give him a pair of very gaudy boardies, but can’t show you because I haven’t been able to trap him – too busy working, doing raft ups, going to Rottnest, partying, going to the gym, etc, etc.

So the Christmas round up: I made shirts for Mark and Tom and boardies for Archie and I received a tailor’s pressing board. A pretty good haul really.

Given the title of this post, I thought I had better get it out before the new year. Can I take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and to wish you a safe and prosperous 2014?

HNY! Sue


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  1. Sue, there you go with your detail, see my comment at ‘Xenium’. Shirt is very smart. Love the tailor’s pressing board. Well done Archie!

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