My excuse? Movember

Actually, I can’t really claim Movember as my excuse for using fabric covered in moustaches, but it’s a good cause and I like to promote it any way I can. I didn’t have it mind when I bought this fabric, I don’t know what I had in my mind! I bought it in Spotlight from their home decorating department and thought it would be “different”. Well, it’s certainly different and it will be fabulous to wear during Movember!

I decided to make another vintage wrap skirt – Simplicity 7876 from 1977



I love this pattern – it is really quick to make and the bias cut does make it extremely flattering. Now I look at the photos, the fabric is more Hercules Poirot, but I wore the skirt to work today and I think I got away with it.


The fabric background is more brown that it appears in these photos, hence the shoes and the top.

It’s quite interesting, but as I rotate, those moustaches go from being  the right way up at the front, to sideways at the back, to upside down under the skirt front, which I think is what makes a circle skirt so interesting.  It’s not clear here, but, although the fabric is fairly stiff, it does drape quite nicely.


Once again I decided to make a matching bag from leftover fabric, this time reversible and smaller than the previous model. It might be a bit on the twee side, but I quite like the coordination. Having used it all day, it worked brilliantly. What isn’t so good is my pattern matching…

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 6.07.55 pm

I have another couple of metres of this fabric, so I’m feeling a pair of trousers coming on.

DSC01117Details: Pattern is Simplicity 7876 from 1977. Fabric was bought from the home decorating section in Spotlight. My top is Mela Purdi, and is about to give up the ghost, so I have it earmarked for copying.


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  1. This skirt is very striking and great fun. Am intrigued by the propect of moutachioed (sp?) trousers…hmmm…so who will be wearing the pants????

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