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About 18 months ago I enrolled in an online course to make jeans with a Lutterloh trainer. I paid good money because the course promised to resolve issues of fit, and I got quite excited because I always have issues of fit.

First we had to send our measurements to the teacher and I was sent a different pattern. I duly traced it out using the Lutterloh “way” and then got ahead of myself and cut out my fabric and began stitching it together, sending photographs of the fit. I was told that I needed to tape the pattern together and send photographs of me wearing it. These were quite hysterical and I’m not going to subject you to them. Anyway, I may have traumatised the teacher because to this day I have not heard back from her.

I threw the jeans in a drawer and forgot about them until I bought the Ginger Jeans and I suddenly thought about them again. I dragged them out and found that all I needed to do was sew on a waistband, turn up the hem, and apply the back pockets. Easy peasy.


They are really comfortable jeans, but I still have fitting issues. I didn’t make the legs skinny, and don’t mind the width of them too much, but I still have a baggy bit under my backside


I did put a fish eye dart in the pattern, but it made absolutely no difference. I also put a dart in the top of the hips; I have no recollection why, but they do sit nicely at the back, with no gaping when I am standing or sitting.


You can see my dodgy topstitching. My machine hates topstitching. Although I did minimise the amount I did, I did manage to get the front done, and I also put rivets in the coin pocket. Excuse the creasing – I had been wearing them all day by the time I took this photo, and should have given them a good pressing.


I also made another bag. This time from a recycled t-shirt of Tom’s for the outside, and one of Bridgette’s for the inside. I didn’t know how the bag would work in a knit, and it is ok, but it’s a very casual look. I think I have now mastered Japanese bags, and my next one will be leather.


Details: Jeans are from a Lutterloh pattern, made from stretch denim from Knitwit. My top is a refashioned scarf, and the shoes are Rieker.


7 thoughts on “Lutterloh jeans

  1. I don’t think I would be happy to pay for a course which the tutor then abandoned. I would have strong words about that! 😡 Having said that the jeans and top look fine. Love that top, the fabric looks perfect.

  2. Interesting! I have the Lutterloh kit…my initial trials weren’t too swift but I haven’t really tested it out. Odd that the trainer scarpered!

  3. Who knows what else was happening with the teacher at the time.
    I love the rivets. You’ve put in a good amount of work into this pair and they work.

    1. It’s irrelevant what else was happening with the teacher at the time, the fact is she took your money and then did not deliver the service. I think that is totally outrageous!
      Fortunately, thanks to your expertise, your jeans turned out really nice, the fit looks comfortable and easy-to-wear. They look great with that lovely scarf top 🙂

  4. Interesting that the teacher didn’t even send a “I’m busy” email which is rather disappointing. Your jeans looks pretty good and even though we all dislike the baggy bit at the back some of it needs to be there so we are able to sit down (or so I have been told).

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