Are we bored with bags yet?

Well, I’m not quite bored with making them yet, so expect to see the odd few more. After my last efforts here, here and here, which were all made from stashbusted fabric, I thought I’d make a leather one.DSC01185

This leather was donated to my stash by my friend, Thelma. I have heaps more, but I started with some thin stuff that I wouldn’t worry too much about. I also needed to ensure that I had enough for a bag. This leather was perfect!

I lined the bag with some mustard cotton covered in purple spots, left over from this 1950s blouse.DSC01187

I didn’t make it reversible this time, and I’ve just realised that I forgot to put in a phone pocket, which means that I will have to fish about in my bag in a panic every time my phone rings.

Next time I make a leather version I will change the construction method. Turning it inside out through the top of one of the straps was a challenge, to say the least!

I used the bag with my Diane von Furstenberg dress, and it went really well. I quite like the vintage look of the leather and I find these Japanese bags to be the perfect size for me.

We had dinner with Tom and Bridgette on Saturday night and Tom gave me this delightful sign as thanks for some help I gave him. It’s obviously destined for my sewing room!



I had to investigate the Dorcas Society, and it is a group of people who meet, usually in a church hall, to sew clothes for charity. I rather like this idea! Anyway, I have one of these Singer sewing machines in my house, so it’s a perfect sign, thanks Tom.



7 thoughts on “Are we bored with bags yet?

  1. I’m curious, does is close by putting the wrist strap through the loop on the others side? They all look fascinating and gorgeous, just trying to get my head around how they work.

    1. Hi R, yes it does. It is a really elegant design and very easy to carry because it dangles from the wrist leaving hands free to feel fabric 🙂

  2. We certainly are NOT bored with bags yet. The red leather is fabulous!!! You are simply too amazing madam.

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