Make that Champagne with my Bellini please!

Just carrying on my cocktail themed makes from Capital Chic Patterns; I’ve made the Champagne skirt, which I absolutely love.  DSC00963

I’ve been seeing this skirt everywhere and decided I needed one – STAT!

I got the pattern and fossicked through my vast stash for an appropriate fabric finally settling on a ramie/viscose blend with a smidge of spandex. It’s black which I hate to sew with, but a handy colour – one can never go wrong with a little black skirt!

I teamed it with my Apricot Bellini, which I have subsequently let out (thanks Sally for the suggestion), given that it was too tight when I first blogged it. It is much better, but my new striped one fits brilliantly. It’s strange though because my first Bellini is the same size as the apricot one and it fits perfectly.

Anyway, back to the champagne skirt. You can see here that I chose the flat band at the front and had the frill at the back.


Look at that invisible zip! I think that this is the best one I’ve ever done. Sally’s instructions were quite different to the way I would normally sew in an invisible zip and I am so glad I followed them, and will be using her method for all my other zips. I used a hook and bar to close the waistband so it would be flat enough to wear a belt. I also followed her instructions on sewing the lining to the zip – normally I would hand stitch it, but I am thrilled with the result of this too.


My review of this skirt:

I usually hate taping up PDF patterns, but I have to say that Capital Chic Patterns come together really well. The instructions are extremely clear and I followed them slavishly resulting in a really well finished skirt. I chose a striped silk lining from my stash which gives a luxurious feel. I did have to shorten the skirt a bit and unfortunately I wasn’t organised enough to shorten the actual skirt part so the bottom band is a bit narrower than it should be. I am quite stumpy and the longer skirt makes me look frumpy, so this was a necessary modification. Next time I will reduce the length of the actual skirt. I also went up a size after my Bellini experience, but it is a bit big, so will drop a size for next time.

This skirt is perfect for work and to team with a more casual shirt for weekends, or more formal shirt for evening. It works well with a jacket so will take me right through the year here in Perth.

The details:  Apricot Bellini styled with a vintage necklace from Paris. Champagne skirt in Ramie blend from Potters Textiles. Belt is thrifted, and shoes are too old to mention.

One last photo of me doing a quick twirl to show bottom band.





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