Spotted tank

This is the Colette Sorbetto Tank with modifications.


I had 50 – 60 cms of material (it wasn’t cut straight) that I bought from the Spotlight remnant bin (total cost $1 – score!). My initial plan was to make the Scout tee-shirt with a plain back, but I decided that the Sorbetto tank would be perfect for a scorching Perth summer, but I think it takes about 1.3m. The first thing I did was to take out the centre pleat. I could then get both sides on the fold by folding the selvedges into the middle, thereby getting two folds. This fitted, but I had no material left for the binding. I didn’t want to use commercial binding, so I had a rummage in my scrap bag and found some leftover scraps from the Tessuti jacket and Quintessential skirt. Perfect match!

I French seamed the shoulders and sides as this is a lovely seersuckery, cottony, silky fabric – with the extra bonus of spots – and I wanted to respect it.


Don’t look too closely, I used pink thread for my staystitching, and I took the photograph before I removed the tacking from my neck binding.


So here it is with the quintessential skirt. It’s probably a little wide in the hips for this skirt, but it does team nicely.

DSC07191Definitely good enough for another back to work outfit!

The details:

Pattern is the Colette Sorbetto tank, sans the front pleat – and it’s free!

Fabric is a lovely seersucker cotton from the remnant bin at Spotlight, with blue rayon from Tessuti for the trim

Skirt is Tessuti blue rayon, Vogue 1247

Shoes are XSA from Dimario, Subiaco


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