Failed resolutions

January was supposed to be my stashbuster month with nothing new at all added to my collection, including fabric, patterns or notions. Well, 10 days in and I found myself, with a friend, in the vicinity of Potter’s Textiles. What’s a girl to do? Visit of course, with firm resolve!
Hah! I fell off the wagon big time.

However, something I’ve needed for a while is some black linen to make Mark a shirt to wear when he is chairing graduations, and there is no better place to buy said linen than Potter’s.


Mark has had five graduations to MC over this weekend, and it gets too hot on the stage when wearing all that regalia under the spotlights on stage, so the black shirt is perfect, as he then doesn’t need to wear a suit. His old black shirt was pretty worn out, so he was really pleased with this one and deemed it really comfortable and a complete success.


I used my old favourite, Kwik Sew 3422 and this shirt did come together really fast, given there were no stripes to match. I was a bit anxious about the collar being Β able to take a tie – the only black interfacing I could get was pretty lightweight and wasn’t fusible, but it seems to be ok. I used a packet of buttons that I found in the Spotlight bin for $1, and they are even Β square, so I was totally happy.


I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of wrinkles when he got home and the shirt was a dream to iron.

I have a number of orders for more shirts – including a Liberty print and some plaid flannel (a flannie!) for camping wear.


8 thoughts on “Failed resolutions

  1. Sue, I am overwhelmed (but not surprised) at how beautifully crafted your shirts are – I must come and see you working your miracles some time! Good luck to Mark for those grad functions!

    1. I made about 15 and then did the Craftsy course with Pam Howard. She describes them as a puzzle – just put the bits together. Really worth doing!

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