Linen pants

When I was in Sydney Colette from Tessuti persuaded me to try the Laura cropped pants pattern. Not sure why I went along with it – I refuse to even try on cropped pants in shops, they so don’s suit me. Anyway, here they are in all their glory – my first “miss” of 2014.


These were to complete my back to work ensemble, but they were a bit slow in coming. I think these photos show why!


Elastic waist is a bit nursing home and I cannot deal with the cropped legs. Do they have any redeeming features?


erk, I don’t think so! I did add pockets though. I probably should have pressed them better before taking these photos, but I knew they were going to be taken apart.


I even made a muslin because I wasn’t certain about the shape, and it looked pretty good. I love the fabric, a glorious enzyme washed linen from Tessuti, so… I unpicked the whole garment, reworked the pattern completely and had a go at making them actually fit me.

This involved reshaping over the hips, adding a zip, making them a bit longer, getting rid of the elasticised waistband and replacing it with a hidden waistband.


So much better…DSC07250

Sadly, no pockets, but after two weeks, they are finished, and boy, am I happy to have them out of the sweatshop!

The details:

Pattern: started off as the Laura pants from Tessuti, finished up as something completely different

Fabric: Enzyme washed linen from Tessuti

Top: Scout Tee previously blogged

Feeling: relieved – I love this fabric!


8 thoughts on “Linen pants

  1. Sue, so with you on the cropped pants observation in that they suit few people and i’m not sure that i’ve seen the flared-leg ones suiting anyone! Your finished product, which is a total re-design is far more designer like and flattering. Love the colour, yet, again, i wouldnt have picked it for pants-they look great! you are broadening my ideas around choices of colours! Thankyou.

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