Kimono top


I used dress J from the Sweet Dress Book to stashbust this lovely piece of DSC07505silk chiffon brought back from South Africa as a gift from my friend S. This is a very simple pattern; well it was once I had sorted out how the sleeves worked :).


I think that were I to make it again I would pleat the bodice rather than gather it. I pulled the gelatine trick to make the fabric manageable, but I am hoping that the fabric will soften up as the gelatine washes out – experience is beginning to show me that this can take many laundry sessions!


I had a scant metre of fabric and have been desperate to make this up, and really wanted a kimono style top. A modification of Dress J was called for!


I’m actually not sure that this is the most flattering style on me, but it is exceedingly comfortable.

For some reason I didn’t get a back view of the top, but trust me – the back is identical to the front!

I had only a tiny little bit of fabric left over, which always makes me very happy.


The details:

Pattern: Sweet Dress Book, Dress J (slightly modified)

Fabric: Silk chiffon from South Africa

Pants: Vogue 8859


9 thoughts on “Kimono top

  1. This is definitely a lovely top and suits you without doubt. Being sheer, it doesn’t add bulk to your sylph like form! The dress (latest effort) also shows the decorative patterning of the fabric very well – a whimsical design and a strong talking point. Those you work with must really hate your weekly wardrobe wonders! x

  2. This is my fav piece so far. Love the pattern on the material, love the type of material, and love the style. Please ask ‘S’ to bring back more!

    1. Thanks Kate. I’m not sure that it’s my favourite top, I doubt that your fabric was the problem, I think the pattern is a bit dodgy. I had to work hard to make it look ok!

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