Double stashbust

I’ve had a few emails about my alphabet series (oh, ok, 2!)  and the use of lovely words such as “xenium” and could I do a bit more of that please?
Given that I don’t have a new theme and I’ve done the abecedarian thing (good huh? It means arranged in alphabetical order, but also devoid of sophistication – hehe) I thought I might try for a big word of the month or something. Let’s see how many complaints I get! It’s also not as easy as it might seem as I have to make the word fit the blog, but I’ll give it a go.

So today’s post is about a dress I made from fabric that is “ecdemic” meaning that it originated elsewhere from where it was found – huh? In other words, this fabric was given to me by my friend T, from her stash into my stash (in the same bag as the xenium dress, coincidentally), and I made this dress for Bridgette.


I have only tacked up the hem here as I wasn’t sure of the length, but I had to take the photos whilst I had her captured!

I used McCalls 6559, which I have used before for Bridgette, so I knew that it fitted her perfectly.



Yep, it needs to be a bit longer (she has a tube dress underneath as the dress is transparent, and I can see it peeking out at the bottom). This fabric is no fun to sew. All those little strings get caught up in the presser foot and when cut they get caught in the seams. I spent a lot of time snipping and hand sewing them into place, but it is totally worth the effort – I think the dress looks lovely.


Bridgette seemed to like it though, so all is well.

The details:

Model is Bridgette, my son’s girlfriend

Fabric is stashbusted from my friend T

Pattern is McCalls 6559


7 thoughts on “Double stashbust

  1. Gorgeous fabric AND dress. I would buy this if I saw it in a shop. It looks very forgiving if not quite flattering. It looks indeed like it would have been a nightmare to handle though!

  2. Excellent result Sue – and certainly looks lovely (actually B looks lovely!). Another unqualified success!

  3. Great fabric for that style and the model looks stunning! I would have avoided that fabric for all the manual handling reasons you mentioned.

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