T is for Tessuti

I could have named this post “Tokyo Jacket” because that’s what I’ve made, but I called it Tessuti because of the exceptional customer service I received from them, but more about that later.

This is the Tokyo Jacket from Tessuti


When I took these photo I didn’t realise that the sun had moved round a bit, and would normally delete them except for Archie’s delightful photobombing!


I caught him at it and he condescended to pose with me


and then I moved to another spot to avoid the sun and blow me down, he did it again!


OK, enough of him! I quite liked this jacket because of its slightly retro feel, but now I am wondering if it is more boxy ’80s? It is made from the same Tessuti remnant as my Quintessential skirt and it really is a gorgeous colour. I don’t care for it teamed with the skirt, but it’s ok teamed with my newly revamped jeans.

The jacket is really interesting to make, the order of piecing is quite different from the way I would do it if left to my own devices, but next time I will go down a size. I put a gorgeous vintage button from Buttonmania in Melbourne and press stud on the front so that I can close it if I wish, although it is essentially a loose, open jacket.


The reason for the title of the post is that I encountered such exceptional customer service from Colette at Tessuti when I was in Sydney recently. I wanted a particular fabric and they had run out in the Surry Hills store but had it in Chatswood. I wasn’t sure whether I would get to Chatswood, so Colette picked up the fabric and delivered it to my hotel, which must have been quite inconvenient for her. I can’t remember the last time I received such wonderful and friendly service.

I am now on leave so am looking forward to some serious sewing. I absolutely have to finish this alphabet nonsense!!


6 thoughts on “T is for Tessuti

  1. haha, your son is hilarious!!! That’s a gorgeous jacket, and wow! very impressive service! That’s fantastic that the staff are so friendly and helpful. I guess it’s good for them too, since you’ll spread the good word and everyone you know will be sure to check it out when in Sydney. I would! 🙂

  2. Love the jacket and I think your assistant model really makes this post – maybe he should be getting commission!

  3. love the photo bombing, love the jacket, style and fabric. Is the jacket lined?
    Go Tessuti for their service! outstanding.

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