U is for uxorious

Hmm, uxorious – it means excessively fond of one’s wife, and Mark was quite fond of me when I made him this shirt.


Remember this fabric? It’s the same as my pixellated dress and Mark had expressed a desire for a shirt in the fabric. I did manage to squeeze enough out of my leftovers to make him the shirt, but the yoke is lined with a piece of an old pillow case.

Given that I have a dress made of the same fabric, I thought I would do a one-off, never to be repeated, photo of us both in the fabric. So twee!


I’ve made this shirt quite a few times now from KwikSew 3422 and have never managed to flat fell the seams because the seam allowance is too small. I did a Craftsy class (The Classic Tailored Shirt with Pam Howard) and it was amazing – the first thing to do is to redraw the pattern with a 5/8″ seam allowance. Now why didn’t I think of that??

She had quite a few other small tips that made putting the shirt together much better giving it a more polished look. Pam also has a different way of doing the tower sleeve placket, but I had already cut the placket opening so had to do it according to the pattern. I have to say that hers is much, much better, so the next shirt I make will have a very different sleeve finish.


It’s Christmas Day and Mark wore the shirt! I managed to catch him in the garden


Was he trying to climb this tree??


Nope, just checking it out, it appears.

For anyone reading this today – Merry Christmas!



6 thoughts on “U is for uxorious

  1. Ok you two you are looking far too relaxed and you look like the terrible twins – maybe not terrible but very cute – wonder what the boys think??? Mark be careful in the the bamboo we might lose you. All jokes aside I do love the fabric and glad to see you looking so relaxed. Merry Christmas LTx

  2. Shirt in that fabric looks great, Sue. I think I would have walked right past it if I saw it in a store. I can see I have to work on my imagination.

    1. I have to admit that I wouldn’t have bought it for a man’s shirt, but when Mark asked, I gave it a go. I might have walked past the fabric too but it was in a remnant pile and I can never go past a remnant!

  3. This shirt is a beauty Sue (envious that Mark will wear such expressive clothing) why don’t you to make yourself a creative shirt like this, different trim to inside collar, cuffs etc – shorter length at waist so it sits over slacks or skirt without all that tail! I just bought a great shirt made by Thomas Cook, Clothing and Boots which is fantastic, so will send you a pic via text. I’m into shirts with collars now as the neck is getting too scrawny! x

    1. Hehe, I have now got the Grainline Archer pattern and am going to be making myself some shirts. I hadn’t thought about the contrast for me, but will definitely do this – have enough in my stash to do anything!!

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