R is for Reshaping

I have a number of pairs of jeans – none of which fit me properly. I am exploring making some and am enrolled in several classes concurrently, but in the meantime, I have had a fiddle with these jeans. Here are some before photos


They are Not Your Daughter’s Jeans and they are a fairly weird shape.  They don’t fit too badly over the hips, but the shape and width of the legs is terrible.


I explored many websites which gave tutorials on taking in jeans. I had always thought (and still do, actually) that both sides of the leg have to be taken in, but I looked at so many where they just took in the outside leg seam that I thought I would give it a go with these jeans. I was concerned that they would go off the grain, but they seem ok.


I took them in all the way down the leg, tapering in from the hips.


I have had these jeans for at least three years and never really worn them. I had them earmarked for the op-shop but since their refurbishment I have worn them at least once a week, so this one is a winner!

Flushed with success I had a go at these white ones. Same brand, same size, slightly different shape but still boringly baggy.

DSC06317-2  DSC06319-2

I took in both the inside and outside leg on these.


and the topstitching on the pockets had unravelled, so I fixed that too.


And finally, remember these blue jeans destined for the op-shop?


Well, I had a go at them as well!




I have a whole bag full of things for revamping and reshaping, so watch this space.


9 thoughts on “R is for Reshaping

    1. I took one pair apart, but didn’t take before photos so didn’t blog them. These jeans I just took in the outside leg seams starting mid-way down the side pockets.

  1. Great results with the jeans, Sue.
    The tailoring is like a fountain of youth for the figure. May have to try this at home. 🙂

  2. Don’t forget to cut a pair or two off for mid calf or just above the knee for summer gear Sue, with your legs – do it!!

    Have a great Christmas!

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