P is for pixellated

This is a dress that I self drafted from a dress given to me for my birthday by my friend S.


I used a piece of cotton that I had in my stash and which can only be described as pixellated flowers.


I was immediately drawn to the fabric by the vibrant colours – greens and purples, my favourite, but then struggled to find anything to make from it as the pattern needed to be unbroken by too many seams or details. When I was given the dress for my birthday I thought that it would be a perfect style for this one.


It was so simple to do, and yet I made it so hard! I decided that I wanted to alter the neckline to create a different look, so I went for a slashed boat style neck. Of course I went too wide, meaning that it was impossible to hide my underwear. However, one of my Lutterloh patterns (don’t ask me which, I couldn’t find it) has this little neck insert and so that’s what I did. A bit of a fiddle, but it worked really well. If you look hard enough you can see the insert on the shoulder.


I also added in seam pockets. The fabric was interesting in that the colours morphed from green to purple across the width. I tried everything to get the flowers in the middle but the fabric wasn’t wide enough, but I am really happy with the way it turned out. The front and the back, though, are completely different colourways.


I have another piece of this fabric and just this morning considered that I could have made Mark a shirt from it all. Minor regret ensued, but I might see if I have enough to squeeze him a short sleeved shirt from it. We could look really cheesy and wear matching outfits!

The details:

Pattern is self-drafted

Fabric is cotton from Potter’s

Shoes are Ettore Masotti

Necklace is a gift from Tom and Bridgette brought back from Venice

Setting is the sculpture park that I can see from my office window, previously mentioned. There are five of these leaves, each with a motivating word on them; these two say “Resonance” and “Resilience”. The red and blue bunting encloses the open air movie theatre that we have on the campus.



8 thoughts on “P is for pixellated

  1. Love the colours in this! Yes it would look more than cheesey with you and Mark matching!

  2. Oh, that fabric is so fabulous! it makes an interesting effect in a photo when it appears as though the background and everything else is in focus and only just the dress is somehow not. The uncluttered style of the dress is the perfect choice to showcase the print. I love it!

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