O is for Ottoman

Not a reference to the Ottoman Empire (as fabulous as that is) or footstools, but silk ottoman. I bought this fabric from Tessuti and have had it in my stash for a little while. It was part of the online purchase I made when I bought the material for Archie’s boardies, and it is divine, with a pique effect that makes cutting on the grain a dream – in fact it didn’t feel like I was cutting anything.


I didn’t have a lot of fabric to play with (as usual) but having decided that next year is going to be the year of the dress, I settled on a simple shift style. I used a pattern bought at the Fabric Cave – Vogue 1576.V1576

All the garments in this pattern are fully reversible – by adding a second layer inside. Needless to say I didn’t do this with my dress – imagine all that thickness!


This is a really basic shift with no darts, closures or embellishments. I added pockets and ditched the neck facings in favour of a bias treatment. Having tried it on, I decided to get up pre-dawn and remove the pockets because they just added too much bulk. I felt a tad sad about this, but my hips looked ridiculous. I also decided that it needed a belt so I had a rummage and found this really nice Armani belt that Mark bought me somewhere exotic a few years ago, and decided that it went well enough, although it does raise the hemline a bit.


Now I’ve decided that it’s a bit short so I will be going home tonight and adding a false hem.


I am really pleased that I decided on the bias neck finish rather than facings. It sits really well and took out some of the thickness at the neck.


What is the large white object I hear you ask (ok, you didn’t ask, but I’m telling you anyway)?  Well, it is a sculpture called “Marble bun” by Rodney Glick, and is in our sculpture park at work. I feel a bit ambivalent about it, I can see it from my office window and thought it was quite ugly, but up close it’s quite a bit more interesting. I wouldn’t mind a piece of fabric with this pattern in it!

The details

Fabric is a silk ottoman from Tessuti, Sydney

Pattern is Vogue 1576

Shoes are Guglielmo Rotta

Setting is the Marble Bun in our sculpture park at work


12 thoughts on “O is for Ottoman

  1. You have been a very busy seamstress and blogger! Lots to catch up on since I last visited your blog. So nice that you are dedicated to your craft!

  2. Love the dress and the material but those white legs! Thought the ottoman was going to show a few of your vast stock of clothes

  3. This is definately one of my favourites on you and the dress is so versatile. Formal with a belt and a less without! Love the pant suit in the vogue patten.

  4. This is a really elegant dress. LOve the fabric!!! I don’t think it is too short…looks very chic with the pale stockings and the lovely two-tone shoes.

    1. Thanks Rachel. The shoes were a bit of a jag, I’ve had them for ages and had almost nothing that went with them, now I have lots of things 🙂

  5. Fabric is gorgeous on you Sue. Great legs, they can carry that length garment. I would have liked to see a pic without the belt.

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