Basketball anyone?

I was cruising through one of my Lutterloh books, when I found this rather nice design for a shirt from the ’60s.


I was drawn to the opposing stripes and knew that I had just the fabric for it in my stash – a lovely black and white striped cotton/spandex shirting from Tessuti’s Melbourne.

I immediately set about making it, adding short sleeves and working out where to put the pockets (Lutterloh aren’t very helpful about these tiny design details). I put the whole thing together (in draft form) and, very pleased with myself, I set out to find an admirer.


I found Archie studying in the kitchen and asked what he thought. Hmmm, he looked at me, looked down at his computer, looked at me and… grinned! When I asked what was wrong he told me that I had just made an exact replica of a basketball umpire’s uniform! Noooo! Mean brat! Feeling quite discombobulated I flounced back into the sweatshop and thought about it – Oh my giddy aunt! What to do? Right, find girly buttons. I bought these buttons several years ago when I was trying to revisit my Mary Quant days. OK, they’re not Mary Quant, but they are very cute. It is nice to use them.


I then took the time to peruse Google images – he lied! Basketball umpires do wear black and white stripes, but the stripes are wider, they all point in the same direction and they wear t-shirts. Revenge being plotted…

Getting back to my (non-umpirelike) shirt – I thought I might take in the sides to create a less boxy shape. This also had the effect of reducing those rather alarmingly pointy bust darts. These, of course, were a feature in the ’60s when we wore those amazing rubber Madonna-like bras (mine filled with socks – sorry, too much information, but it needs to be said!).

Anyway, here is the finished item:


You will note that I have had a hair cut – this is what happens when one gives the hairdresser carte blanche. I have to say that it is certainly no longer “mumsy”! These photos were taken early in the morning and I had just washed it and it is therefore somewhat exuberant!


Clearly I am not good at dressing myself – the leg of my jeans is all caught up in the boots!


Do I love this shirt? I am not sure. It might be useful to wear with a white pencil skirt or white cigarette pants – we will see.

The details:

Lutterloh shirts from a 1964 pattern

Fabric is cotton/spandex mix from Tessuti, Melbourne

Jeans are by Stella McCartney from Elle, Nedlands

Socks (hidden) knitted by me

Boots are Paul Green


One thought on “Basketball anyone?

  1. Haha, the story about Archie’s comment made me smile!! I’m unfamiliar with basketball umpire outfits so I would never have thought it! It’s a cute little top. You should definitely wear it to a wildcats game, it could get you a really great seat πŸ™‚

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