Floral boardies

I am off to Sydney next month on holiday – a week of unfettered fabric shopping 😉 – and asked Archie to look at the fabrics in Tessuti and pick something. Ummm, he picked this fabric – floral swimsuit material for me to turn into boardies!


Really? Are you sure? I seem to ask these questions a lot I realise! Ok. Then I began to think it might sell out (all the cool fabric goes fast), so I bought it online, and to justify the freight cost I had to buy a couple of other things – shown off later.

He wanted some modifications done according to some RTW boardies that he owns. This is easy; a bit of twin needling on all the seams and wide elastic with three rows of stitching through it. So I set to work and came up with said boardies using a vintage Butterick pattern (Butterick 4664). Getting photos was another matter. I include a set which show how he gave me his undivided attention during the shoot:


OK, turn around and look natural!


How about a smile for the camera?


OK, you’re excused…

DSC05956 DSC05957

The good news is (NOT!) that there is some fabric left over and he has ordered Speedos. Really? Are you sure? Oh my giddy aunt – speedos!!

[ later update: My kind sister pointed out that I had a typo in the text – now fixed. I should have mentioned that of all his boardshorts, these are my favourite – perhaps he does have good taste!]


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  1. They look terrific! I believer that a short modelling session is a perfectly reasonable thing to ask in return for a pair of cool boardies; that’s always my argument anyway! Shopping in Sydney for a WEEK? lucky duck! 😀

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