Another scarf Coco

Hot on the heels of my previous Coco from scarf tops (here and here), Gabby gave me another two scarves to turn into tops. These are also fine shirred wool, but this time they had a pattern that needed to be matched. Gah!


In spite of my best efforts, I didn’t do the most perfect jobDSC09990

The only way I could get the sleeves to line up with the body was to make them three-quarter length, which isn’t my favourite length for winter.

DSC09986 One thing I have noticed is that this top goes with a large number of outfits – my new grey skirt, my brown trousers, and a couple of other things as yet unblogged. I wore it to work with my chrysanthemum dress, but of course most of it was hidden.


However the colours worked together really well. It was clearly a really windy day when I took these photos.


Details: Tilly and the Buttons Coco top, made from a scarf donated to my stash by Gabrielle from Heaven Wrapped in Claremont.


7 thoughts on “Another scarf Coco

  1. You did a pretty good job of matching the pattern and the colours are gorgeous. Agree 3/4 sleeves in winter isn’t my favourite either

    1. Thank you. I find the same – we all have drawers of beautiful scarves that never get worn and I’ve already worn each of these scarves several times. Problem is, I have more to make so need to think of something different to do with them!

  2. This looks great on you Sue, the colours are very flattering and perhaps you could wear a light long sleeved ‘skivvy’ underneath to make it more winter proof. Such a great transformation for a length of beautiful material – think of what you can create for summer with those big scarves and the trendy floaty fashions!

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