Repurposed t-shirt

August is the month to repurpose, reuse and refashion so I thought I would attack this big basket of knit fabric garments most of which were kindly donated to me by Tom and Bridgette.


I had thought that I would cut up all these garments to make a rag rug for our camper trailer, but when I looked through, some of the t-shirts seemed just too good to cut up.

I found a bunch of Calvin Klein t-shirts, including several black ones.


This one is a tad faded, but I thought it would be a good starting point. Tom likes his t-shirts really fitted, which means that they actually fit me.


Unfortunately, this also means that there is not a lot of wriggle room to make something that looks completely different – well, for my paltry skills anyway!


Being the unimaginative sort, all I could do was to sew a fox on the front. The fox was included in the pattern for the White Russian from Capital City Patterns, and after doing the lion I really wanted to give it a go. My next issue was how to make it stand out on the black. I decided to use a variegated thread, and I think it is ok, but I probably should have used double thread to make it stand out better. I used tissue paper to trace the pattern on the shirt, but I still have bits of white paper caught in the stitches. I also still don’t have good control when the feed dog is dropped and some of my stitches are of varying lengths. I take my hat off to quilters – their skills are to be totally envied and admired.


The funny blue marks were made by my iron having a hissy fit. They will wash out, I hope. The hardest thing about this was sewing the fox without opening up the side seams. The t-shirt isn’t quite square and I thought I might struggle to get it sewn up neatly again. I only caught the underneath twice, and I didn’t quite get the sewing completely flat. I did consider putting buttons in the eyes, but once again my placement is less than stellar…DSC09997

I tried on the t-shirt and could see that the sleeves poked out unattractively. I thought about removing them, but this will be a dog walking shirt and I like my shoulders and upper arms covered in the summer sun. In the end I pinched in the ends of the sleeves and put buttons on the pleats.


a slightly better view of this rather simplistic solution to my sleeve problem. Please note how cunningly I am hiding the remote control for my camera!DSC00003The details:

Calvin Klein t-shirt thrown out by my son and refashioned into a dog walking shirt by a couple of simple additions. I think the purpose of the August challenge of repurpose, reuse and refashion is to do something a bit more interesting than this, so I may not put this on the flickr group, but I’m happy – I have one less t-shirt cluttering up my sweatshop!


7 thoughts on “Repurposed t-shirt

  1. Love it.
    Just shows you what can be done from stuff that would otherwise be discarded.
    Looks better in real life rather than photos however.

  2. The fox totally transforms this T-shirt into fabulous. You’re such a clever clogs!

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