Pink White Russian

When I saw the brand new offerings from Capital Chic Patterns, I knew I needed a couple of the patterns. First one to be made was the White Russian, from pink silk stretchy velvet I bought at the Western Market in Hong Kong for the princely sum of HK$20, which is less than $3. It was a remnant so I didn’t have much to work with.


I wasn’t going to bother with the embellishment, but when I was tracing off the pattern I couldn’t resist that lion – my birth sign is Leo, so I figured it was some sort of portent (of what I don’t know!).

I have to say that I can’t remember when I enjoyed doing something new so much. I traced the pattern onto tearaway, tacked it to the top, dropped the feed dogs, put on the darning foot and went for it. Halfway round the outside I decided that it seemed too easy so consulted my manual only to discover that you should start in the middle and move out, rather than the other way round. Oops!


I was thrilled with the way it turned out


All I had to do was tear away the tear away. Oh yes, I remember now, I hate this stuff. It gets caught in the stitches and I spent the whole day trying to pick out tiny bits of papery stuff.


My big worry was getting the lion in the middle of the front, so spent a considerable amount of time measuring and lining up. I did a brilliant job, except…


… the placement of the lion’s ears is a bit dodgy. You can’t really see here because I haven’t pulled the top straight, but when I dress myself properly, their placement is rather unfortunate. When I sought Mark’s opinion he looked at me as though I was mad (which I probably am), and asked me who would be thinking such a thing. Hmm, good question, just every sewer in the world!

My only other issue was running out of fabric and having to put a yoke in the back. My remnant was in two pieces and the yoke came from the second piece and I had no idea which way the nap went

so figured I had a 50/50 chance of getting it the right way.



You will note that the bottom band seems a little loose. I wore the top and decided that I couldn’t live with it, so unpicked it, took in the top and band by 3 inches and resewed it all. The first time I twin needled the seam, but didn’t bother the second time. I do think it looks much better – it just needs a good press.DSC09972

and the obligatory back view.DSC09971 The details: Pattern is the White Russian from Capital Chic Patterns. All the patterns are named after cocktails in case you were wondering about the name. Fabric is a luscious stretchy silk velvet from the Western Market in Hong Kong.

Teamed with Vogue 8859 pants

Quick and dirty pattern review of the White Russian. I really, really tried to resist buying this pattern. I have a truckload of sweatshirt patterns, but I loved the contemporary feel and the raglan sleeves, and I really like to support up and coming designers, and I am a faithful follower of Sally’s blog, Charity Shop Chic, so felt I needed  to buy it (hehe). It is a PDF pattern, so I printed it out, and it slotted together easily. It only has a few pattern pieces and I have to say it was a doddle to make. My only issue was where to put the lion’s head and, although I got it nicely centred it is much lower than where Sally has it on her version.



11 thoughts on “Pink White Russian

  1. I absolutely love it!! What a fantastic, happy colour. Thanks so much for taking the time to write a review. Yours is actually the first WR I’ve seen that uses the templates so that made me happy 🙂 My birth sign is Leo as well, so I couldn’t resist the lion!

    1. Thanks Sally, I have also made the Bellini and am just making another White Russian (without embellishment), but am hanging out to make lots more of both patterns!

  2. Love the lion and pink looks great on you. I am thinking one day when you have grandchildren you can use this skill for all types of animals. What cool grandma!

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