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Gyo top and City Gym Shorts

I have been on an unexpected extended stay at our holiday place and found myself with not enough activities. Luckily I had a lovely white sheet donated by my friend Suzanne, and copies of the Merchant and Mills Gyo top and the Purl Soho City Gym shorts, so I knew exactly what I needed to […]

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recycling, Repurposed, Sewing

Men’s sweater to Seamwork Astoria refashion

A while back a friend gave me a bag of her son’s cast off clothing, with the idea that I would put anything worn or unusable into an archery target bag and then send the rest to the op shop. I sorted things into two piles, but in the archery bag pile were some wool […]

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Rapt in my wrap

Having been inspired by the wrap from Heaven Wrapped I set about making one for myself. This wrap is also from Heaven Wrapped and is the most luscious cotton/viscose/cashmere blend, which is both light and warm.   I made the holes round for this one and actually did it in my pattern making class at Workspace-FADS, as […]

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1972 swimsuit and the Blue Lagoon

  I took these new bathers to Iceland and wore them in a sauna at The Volcano Huts, Thorsmork. I have had this pattern in my stash for a little while, and it was part of my prize in the 2014 vintage pledge and was donated by the Selvedge Shop. It is Simplicity 5027. I made […]

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Repurposed, Sewing, Stashbusting

Vogue 1291

  I’ve had this pattern in my stash for a long time and for some reason decided to make it up using a silk scarf I’ve also had for a while. A very fragile silk scarf! The pattern is Vogue 1291, a Sandra Betzina design and I bought it, I think, to make up one of […]

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Bellini double take

Having made my first Bellini, I thought I’d join the Bellini Sewalong and make a peach Bellini out of some slubby silk that Mark bought me in Sri Lanka. Feeling smug about the peach Bellini thing, I raided the stash cupboard to discover that the “peach” is actually apricot. OK, an Apricot Bellini could be an […]

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Recycled Vogue 1247

My friend Thelma gave me this lovely camel coloured stretch fabric when she made her donation to my stash last year. I saw it as a coat and made it into this vintage jacket. Unfortunately it was a disaster! It was too stiff. I unpicked the whole thing and tucked it away. Then Repurpose, Reuse and […]

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Tie-dyed Bronte refashion

This is a skirt that I’ve had hanging around for a long time which I no longer wear but couldn’t quite bring myself to throw away. It doesn’t look it, but it is far too big for me and falls down if I walk too vigorously. It was ripe for a refashion. I would have […]

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Repurposed, self-drafted, Sewing, Stashbusting

Green wool scarf

  Gabi from Heaven Wrapped donated another couple of wool scarves for me to play with and I chose this gorgeous emerald one to start with. Gabi did tell me that I could refine my technique with this one and I was most indignant because I’ve already refined my technique. We all laughed. Then I […]

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Repurposed, self-drafted, Sewing, Stashbusting

Twenty minute transformation

Oh I do love me a bit of alliteration! As it happens, this took slightly longer than twenty minutes – but I decided that poetic license was in order. Gabrielle from Heaven Wrapped gave me this scarf to refashion/repurpose and I decided that I would not do another Coco, but would try something a bit more […]

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