Rapt in my wrap

Having been inspired by the wrap from Heaven Wrapped I set about making one for myself. This wrap is also from Heaven Wrapped and is the most luscious cotton/viscose/cashmere blend, which is both light and warm.



I made the holes round for this one and actually did it in my pattern making class at Workspace-FADS, as I wanted to make sure that I didn’t ruin this beautiful wrap.


I then did a rolled hem around each hole and also a rolled hem around the cutout pieces so that I could appliqué them back on with blanket stitch – this is a zero waste make!IMG_6481

This is actually still a work in progress. I wear the wrap, but I also do a bit more embellishment on it when the urge takes me. I am using it to practice all my embroidery stitches, even if they can’t all be seen. The embroidery gives a wonderful 3D effect IMG_6482

I am loving putting French knots on the flowers in the pattern. IMG_6483

I have worn this wrap on many occasions, in all sorts of different ways, and have even been fondled by a passer-by!

The wrap is also gorgeous on the other side, more subtle in its colouring. DSC07808

This side goes perfectly with brownDSC07863

I am wearing it above with my new brown bengaline trousers. Not much to say about these – they are from my wide leg pattern block, but without a zip. I didn’t quite have enough fabric (I only bought enough for a midi skirt) so I made them shorter in the top part and added a wide band from bengaline scraps. I was going to use the same system as for my ponte skirt which has elastic in the band, but I made the band on these tight enough that they hold up on their own. I didn’t take photographs of the top, it’s not the most attractive part of the trousers, but I can if anyone wants to see how they’re made.


23 thoughts on “Rapt in my wrap

  1. Fabric sounds gorgeous, not surprised it attracted attention. love the way you wear it in the second last pic! and yes, more detail on the shoes please?


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