Denali vest for Mark

It’s unselfish sewing month over on my Facebook Stashbusting Sewalong group and I’m the host, so I thought I’d better lead by example and make a few things for other people. I started out with this Seamwork Denali vest, which I thought Mark might like and I scrap busted some fabric left over from his coat, so I’m feeling extra virtuous.


Here is a better view of it. Please note that it’s supposed to have snaps down the front but I truly haven’t had a chance as Mark rarely takes it off!


This is a really nice pattern. It has an opportunity for contrasts on the yoke and pockets, and also for quilted fabric. The pattern photos actually show one with leather contrasts, but I decided not to so that I could launder it more easily.


The wool that I made Mark’s from has already been pre-washed and it didn’t shrink at all, so I can heave it into the machine with carefree abandon. IMG_6407

We’ve been dogsitting Heidi, and this vest is the perfect thing for dog walking, even in wintry weather, the wool just seems to repel the rain.

IMG_6393 I lined the vest with some tartan flannel, and asked Mark to display it for this post. He did this rather coyly…IMG_6409

and then suddenly went into full on flasher mode – makes me laugh every time I see this photograph!!IMG_6410

He’s also wearing a new sweatshirt I made him using the Metro Men’s Tee shirt pattern, and some very elderly tracksuit pants that now appear to be a bit short, so I’ve made a mental note to make a few more pairs for him.  IMG_6391

The wool fabric came from Knitwit and it is a sensational fabric, but may now be sold out.


16 thoughts on “Denali vest for Mark

  1. This looks great Sue and I love the lining. A vest is always such a handy garment to add that extra layer of warmth. Mark is so lucky that you sew for him too.

  2. This kind of vest is so practical with big pockets! Mark looks perfectly cool and comfortable and smart as usual, but I must say I’m in love with Heidi. Do you plan to make her something during your unselfish sewing month? Maybe a matching bandana in the remnants of this red tartan? 😉

  3. Great vest, great model, great dog, great part of Perth! 🙂 I love vests and am looking forward to seeing the version you make for you, Sue.

  4. Good to see Mark modelling (looking good!) and he is a lucky man getting a jacket made by his wife!

  5. It’s hard to see any of the details in the pictures, at first I thought it was long sleeved until I realised from the line drawing it was not! but it does look gorgeously cosy. I particularly love the tartan lining. Mark is a very lucky guy to have you 🙂

  6. My hubby would love that – just joined Seamwork so I have a couple of patterns to choose! Tell Mark he is a great model!!Love the tartan lining!!

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