Scarf wraps and a pattern

This winter I keep wanting outer layers that can be worn at least a couple of ways. Cue these scarves that are actually for sale in Heaven Wrapped, but which I borrowed to, er, copy.

The scarves are quite big and they actually have armholes built in, which I’ve never seen before, so they are perfect for pattern rustling (think cattle rustling, but with clothes).  I tried them out with different outfits and they seem to work equally well no matter what I wear.


They can be worn just by putting your arms through the armholes, but that’s a bit easy. In this next photo I’ve put my head through an armhole


put my arm through the other armhole and wrapped the scarf around my shouldersDSC07796

Of course if I just put my head through both armholes I get this effect, which I love


and the backDSC07779-2

Just skewing it a bit and it becomes more poncho likeDSC07780-2

A bit of manipulation and I have a cowlDSC07789-2

and another lovely design


I also had a play in the shop when Gabi wasn’t looking (not true, she took the photos!) How glorious is this one?


Of course I fondled the merchandise


I did finish up taking this particular scarf home, mostly so that I could rustle that design – the sacrifices I make!


Want one? Well here is the pattern schematic:

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 9.08.46 pm

The actual size of the fabric is 178cm x 73cm, or thereabouts and the armholes are ovals.

I thought a piece of wool hand painted and then embellished with some beautiful embroidery might be a lovely way to make this. Cut the armholes and bind them, or sew round them and fray the edge slightly. Do the same with the short edge to create a fringe.


If, of course, you haven’t taken the pledge against RTW, you could always buy one, especially if you live in Perth! I do have to say thank you to Gabi at Heaven Wrapped, she always lets me knock off designs from the lovely things in her shop, which is exceedingly cheeky of me.



30 thoughts on “Scarf wraps and a pattern

  1. I really need one of these – but then I think that of most of your makes! You are responsible (again) for increasing my wish list. Please thank Gabi for me 😉

  2. They are gorgeous and it’s very generous of you both! I thought it may have been that cardi you made a few weeks back… I didn’t want to be cheeky and ask for that!

    1. Thank you. Which is the cardi you liked? I’ve just had a look on my blog, and I’ve made the Woodland Stroll Cape, or the sneaky shrug – is it one of those?

      1. Oh I had to go back to see what it was called.. the sneaky shrug, and now I see that you have made a tutorial! How did I miss that post?? Maybe it’s the new job taking up my brain space. Thank you, thank you. I am definitely going to try this because I loved yours so much. Did I say thanks!

  3. These are really great. I can’t believe you went to the effort of changing your outfit every time you wore the wrap a different way! Thank you for the pattern. I can’t keep up with you these days!

  4. That is so cool – another thing to try after it cools down here in Wisconsin!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Love these ideas, Sue. There are 3 (if memory serves…maybe even more) in my wardrobe that I never use because they are always sliding off. This is the solution. Thanks!!

  6. Fabulous. Thanks for sharing once again and I will need one of these once the weather cools down.

  7. Very clever idea. Love the way they can be worn as a sort of top. If you’re good at embroidery, embellishment or whatever these could be a real showcase.

  8. Wow! another versatile and elegant addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Even better if you design your own. I particularly like the way you wear it in picture #3.

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